St. Mary’s Queen’s Battery Park to Gaskiers Trail (Part 2)

The Gulch

The trail begins at St. Mary’s Battery and you will walk to Gulch Beach and the Lighthouse. If you wish to start in Point La Haye, you can park at the Gulch Beach area and walk to the highlight and enjoy the views and spend time along the beach and walk the barachois.

Across the barachois you can walk a little through the community along the lower roads and connect to another trail that will take you to Gaskiers. You can return via the same trail or take the main road back and take Harney’s Line as you work back to your vehicle at the Battery.

Traditional homes, horses, sheep, geese and even classic cars were some of the attractions along the route, not to mention clotheslines and wood piles that is quintessentially rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

The weather on this day was dreary all along the driving route from St. John’s, but St. Mary’s Bay must be home of the weather gods because it couldn’t be a more perfect. It was only the last few hundred metres the rain began. It had us speed up a little to get to the vehicle and head back to St. John’s after a near 16 km hike. We were pleasantly surprised by our adventure and would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself in 2022 and beyond!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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