Harbour Main Lighthouse Trail

Explore the Goat Shore in Harbour Main. Another amazing trail is to the lighthouse. A 4 KM return awaits you from the parking area off Ballfield Road near the cemetery. 

A easy to moderate walking trail awaits. After the forested area you come to a fork and have to pay extra attention to stay on the trail. Also after rain this route can be quite wet, so bring waterproof footwear. There are ponds and rock formations that will capture your imagination as you make it to the point where the lighthouse is situated.

Names of neighbouring communities are written on a pole with arrows pointing their way. After several photos along the shoreline, we looped back via Harbour Drive and up Ballfield Road. Red barns, vernacular architecture and some ducks were all in view as we found our car in the parking lot.

Live Rural NL-

Christopher Mitchelmore

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