Northern Point Walking Trail

Northern Point Walking Trail

I felt like I was walking in some made up land when walking the Northern Point Walking Trail in Heart’s Delight-Islington. The beginning was quite normal, as you park at the end of NE Side Road off Route 80. A fenced area and sign noting the beginning of the trail. You walk passed some pasture area along the coastline and enjoy the views from the Western Point across the bay or the end of Northern Point where you begin your journey.

The unique artwork, which I later watched a CBC Here and Now episode where Barb Parsons-Sooley and Ed Bishop formed a bond over the trails and art. Ed’s artwork depict the memories along the shorelines of the trail and adds depth and stories to what is truly remarkable scenery along the way.

The land transforms to rolling hills, exposed rocks on barren lands, flat rocks and breathtaking red rocks along the ocean.

Red Rock Cove is a major highlight along the trail.

You continue to the point passing gardens, known as the Green Perch and come along a hill to climb with some forests. There’s a section for whale watching, duck hunting and some favourite viewing areas of locals.

From the point you can return, I chose the crossroads, which seems to be the ATV trail back to Crocker’s Road and then back to my parked vehicle. I prefer to make a trail a loop if possible, but you certainly won’t be disappointed if you take the linear path.

The breathtaking scenery, the artwork and the explanations truly make this one of the best trails I’ve hiked. You must add the Northern Point Trail to your list when on Route 80!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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