Have You Ever Been to Album Rock?

Have you ever been to Album Rock? This is another one of our best kept secrets on the Great Northern Peninsula!

A remote landmark named for a photograph taken by an 1850s photographer Paul-Émile Miot and his crew of graffiti artists. Just imagine the unique history here in Sacred Bay?

When you’re next in Ship Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula you must check this out! Take Treena’s Trail and at the beach turn right to find it for yourself!

First travel the Great Northern Peninsula on Route 430, known as the Viking Trail. You will have to take Route 436 which is the road to L’anse aux Meadows and turn to Raleigh on Route 437 just a few kilometres along the way. The road to Raleigh is 13 KM and Ship Cove another 9 KM. There is a parking lot and signage that marks Trina’s Trail but there is very little reference or any to this unique piece of history!

The stairway down to the bay leads you to the mussel grounds. It was wonderful to see people collecting wild mussels at low tide. It’s something I did as a child at home. Ship Cove and Raleigh are known to produce good wild mussels. You continue along the beach to trek to Album Rock and Franche Point. There is certainly a lot of beauty along the way.

The Album Rock has interpretation and a gazebo where you can enjoy a meal or rest. Album Rock: Looking back through the lens of Paul-Émile Miot, which has been published by Boulder Publications is a book you may want to pick up if you are interested in a further story by Michael Hollett.

Album Rock, Ship Cove, Great Northern Peninsula

Local legend, Iris Decker, was a pillar of the community and she was so very proud of the little museum she worked hard to establish at the Ship Cove community hall. It promoted the work of Miot, and more of the community. I do hope others on the community will continue her work and see the value of further sharing the story, maintaining these unique trails and tourism assets for both locals and visitors to enjoy. There is opportunity in Ship Cove and for all neighbouring communities. I will certainly be scribing some further articles about Trina’s Trail, the former Tickle Inn of Cape Onion and so much more in the area.

I hope you will add the Album Rock to your list of rural adventures this summer. Learn more about the Great Northern Peninsula’s trails by clicking here.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


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