Spectacular View from Spectacle Head

The “American Man” of Spectacle Head

Cupids is known as the oldest English settlement in Canada, settled in 1610 when John Guy and his company settled in the community.

I recommend taking in the Northwest side of the Harbour and enjoy the short but steep hiking trail known as Spectacle Head.

The trail begins near the fish plant office where there is parking. The trail is well-marked and worth viewing especially throughout the Spring, Summer or Fall seasons.

At the very top of the mountain you gain views of Bareneed and Port de Grave where we were just days before. The American man is a cairn at the very top and is a big contrast from a walk base of hill. We worked our way down the side of the hill to more pasture land but toward the head to find the site of the lighthouse. We were a little disappointed to not find a light but just a former footing where a light was placed given it was a fairly grey and foggy day. There wasn’t much of a view to enjoy.

I’m told there are cattle on the pasture land during summer and a place where berry pickers can be found later in the season. As winter ends and spring approaches, you may get a sight of seals clamouring to cross Cupids Quay or spot icebergs in the area.

There is a lot to enjoy on this shorter hike. Be sure where in Cupids to explore Spectacle Head.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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