Fabulous Fish & Chips at Harbour Grace Hotel

The old hotel on the waterfront of the Historic District of Harbour Grace has been in operation for more than 85 years.

Formerly the Archibald Hotel, and renown as the place where aviators stayed before their transatlantic flights, including Amelia Earhart!

My mom and I dropped by the restaurant as we were told the food was really good. The fish and chips with dressing and gravy certainly hit all the high notes. The service was really good and the restaurant quite basic in terms of size and decor. There were parts of the hotel, such as the restrooms in the lobby that were quite dated, but the hotel seems to have undergone a fair bit of modernization to cater towards guests who wish to stay in this historic and beautiful town.

We met a couple who regularly drives from the Northeast Avalon just for the food at the hotel’s restaurant.

When in Harbour Grace, you’ll want to see the Amelia Earhart statue and learn more about its place in aviation history. You may also want to spend time on the waterfront taking in the history of ship building in the community.

There’s lots to see and do as you spend a day exploring Harbour Grace!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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