3rd Annual Mummer’s Walk Continues to Break Local Record

The 3rd Annual Mummer’s Walk was the most successful to date, seeing increasing numbers across all age ranges from the two walks held in Flower’s Cove and Anchor Point, respectively.  A total of 40 mummers or jannies participated in this year’s walk, with a wide range of ages from toddler to adult. There were so many, not all could fit in the photos. We even picked up a couple during the parade.

Can you guess which one I am?
Can you guess which one I am?

At 3 PM the residents of the Straits congregated at the Savage Cove church basement and paraded around the community. The band of merry mummers waved at vehicles and those looking on from their windows. It was quite the sight!


There were big ones,


and small ones…


At the end, we all returned to the Church basement listened to the Mummer’s Song and other Christmas tunes. Everyone sat around enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, Purity syrup and other goodies. Special thanks to organizers Trudy C. and co-founder, Sabrina G. for continuing to ensure the mummer’s walk continues on the Great Northern Peninsula. As well, big thanks for all those who helped in any way and getting involved. It was great to see many families and youth interested in keeping a tradition that was so vibrant in rural Newfoundland & Labrador. Also, the Straits Food Sharing Association benefited from non-perishable food items.

We look forward to continued growth next year as the fourth annual will be set during the Christmas season. Please take the time this Christmas to go door to door, visit your friends and neighbours – find those old sheets, ugly sticks and pillow sacks. Happy jannying!

Live Rural NL

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North