Falling in Love with Green Gardens Trail

My mother found a beautiful heart shaped rock at the beach on the Green Gardens Trail. It spoke to how we felt about this place. It really captures the heart with all its surrounding beauty.

The Green Gardens Trail is managed by Park’s Canada outside the community of Trout River. It begins on the barren rocks that are like the Tablelands and then you get to a forest. It is mainly downhill, where you see a waterfall and head to a valley.

This nearly 12 km return trail is extremely rewarding. The stairs down to the beach have recently been upgraded.

The sheltered rocks and tall cliffs have you wanting stay for awhile. Above you can view the boats passing by and the incredible scenery from the red chairs. A little further are green pastures that resemble Ireland and eventually you come to the closed Wallace Brook Trail. It looks quite incredible to walk but there are warnings of coastal erosion. Maybe in the future, Parks Canada will also re-route this trail.

You’ll absolutely love the reward of nature along this trail. The quest to the end point is quite easy but coming back is quite arduous with the incline back up. It definitely is one of the best hiking trails in Gros Morne National Park.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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