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Halloween Parties at local Lion’s Clubs in Rural NL

Halloween ranks way up there as a favourite holiday from the days of making paper chains, bobbing for apples, going trick-or-treating, participating at our high school Spook Trail, carving pumpkins or joining the crowd at George Street’s Mardi Gras.

These past three years I’ve taken a liking to staying in rural Newfoundland & Labrador and celebrating Halloween at the local Lion’s Club. In 2010, I dressed as a Mountie accompanying Mary Poppins & Bert the Chimney Sweep. Last year, at the last-minute I joined the Roper’s making a Where’s Waldo costume by coloring red stripes on a white long sleeve shirt.

To me making your own homemade costume is the fun of Halloween. I remember when I made an Elvis Presley costume from plastic white banquet roll, stapling together parts for Marge Simpson or finding the perfect shirt to be Stewart from MadTV. This year’s group costume really wasn’t in the cards. I guess sometimes the last-minute costumes are the ones that bring the most fun.

Many who know me, know that I collect board games, so being the characters from Milton Bradley’s CLUE was a real treat. After digging through our boxes of dress-up clothes we found a maid costume, red dress and purple trench coat, green pants and tan jacket. A lightbulb moment happened and we thought let’s be the characters of the CLUE board game for Halloween. I was originally supposed to be Mr. Green because of my green suit but that had to change after I visited the Salvation Army in St. Anthony the day of the party and found the perfect plum velvet jacket that fit me to a tee, as well as short purple pants, a large green jacket and bright yellow blazer and a blue dress for Mrs. Peacock. After shuffling some characters we are as follows:

Mr. Green with the wrench, Miss Scarlet with the candlestick, Mrs. Peacock with the knife, Col. Mustard with the revolver, Mrs. White with the rope and myself as Professor Plum with a lead pipe. The Mystery remains…Who Killed Mr. Body?

Who Killed Mr. Body? Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Col. Mustard, Mrs. White & Professor Plum.

The Sandy Cove Lion’s Club on Friday Night filled with characters including Willie Wonka Nerds, Anne of Green Gables, Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Al Capone, devils, pirates, cats, wizards, dead cheerleaders, scarecrows, witches, police officers, Grime Reaper, Indians, Spiderlady and many other ghouls and goblins. Everyone broke out when the Monster Mash played and we all danced long into the night.

Young and old alike, we continue to have much spirit in rural Newfoundland & Labrador – especially during occasions like Halloween.

Be sure to join us some time!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

Second Annual Mummer’s Walk & Food Drive Draws More Participants!

Sabrina Gaulton, NDP District Association President for the Straits-White Bay North organized the 2nd Annual Mummer’s Walk and Food Drive in the Straits.

Despite the high winds more than 30 mummer’s or jannies came out from various communities to the Anchor Point Lions Club in mid-day to participate in the Mummer’s Walk and also support the local Food Sharing Association.

“It is important that we keep traditions alive, promote active lifestyles and support local charities” states Ms. Gaulton. “We are greatly impressed by the number of food items donated, as after Christmas food banks are typically depleted”.

She is quite fond of the tradition and would like to see more activities planned in Rural Newfoundland & Labrador that promotes these initiatives.

After a chilly walked and holding onto your mask with dear life all mummer’s made it safely back to the Anchor Point Lion’s Club for a glass of Purity Syrup or a hot cup of chocolate. This year was an international mummer’s walk as we had for the first time a Swiss Mummer in the troupe.

This is an initiative I am quite proud to participate and look forward to continued growth for 2012. So mark your calendars on December 29, 2012 we will officially host the Mummer’s Walk in the community of Savage Cove.

Live Rural NL & Plan Christmas Mumming this Year –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North
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