Discover the Dorset Trail in Port au Choix

Point Riche Lighthouse

If you’ve completed the Point Riche Trail or wanted to create a nice loop back to this iconic lighthouse you could park and begin toward Dorset Trail. You would walk to the Visitor Centre via the paved road or you could begin the Dorset Trail across from the Visitor Centre where the trailhead begins and take the 3 KM trail to Phillip’s Garden. All three trails connect into this Archaeological Site that was inhabited by our indigenous populations dating back more than 4,000 years. To do all the interconnected trails is more than 11 KM.

Port au Choix National Historic Site

The Dorset Trail offers incredible views of the limestone barrens, tuckamore trees, panoramic ocean views from Crow Head, unique flowers and wildlife that includes caribou and birds.

On this trail you have a decision point where you can go directly to Phillip’s Garden or go their via Crow Head. I recommend Crow Head as you get to go into the forest. However, there is a set of stairs to climb as your elevation changes.

I truly enjoyed the diversity of this trail and the views. A visit to Phillip’s Garden is a must when visiting the Great Northern Peninsula. The next postings will highlight Phillip’s Garden and the Coastal Trail.

Check out, Point Riche Trail which is 3 KM and just offers stunning ocean views.

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