Increases in 2011 NL Crab Price are long overdue

I just tuned in to the NTV First Edition only to hear FFAW President, Earle McCurdy present some good news for fishers.

It was pretty exciting to hear that the crab processors and the Union were able to agree upon a price of $2.15 per pound to start the 2011 season. This represents an 80 cent per pound increase from last year, which was set by a pricing panel at $1.35 per pound and resulted in much dispute among fishers and processors, with both sides still at odds.

The crab season is set to open next week. It may be the first year in many that it starts without delay. This significant increase will allow fishers to earn more revenue. This will  help offset additional operating costs and also take care of some short-term debts that have accumulated due to increased operating costs, coupled with lower prices and a shortened season.

This is a good sign for the rural economy, as more dollars can be spent and re-invested locally. Let us all hope that this is an indication for prices in other fish species and that 2011 can be a banner year, where the value of fish landings will exceed $1 Billion for the provincial economy.

Here on the Great Northern Peninsula, the fishery remains the backbone of our economy. More attention is needed to ensure future success. It is important to remember that we are all stakeholders of this valuable resource. More control of the resource should be managed at a more localized-level, instead of managed by large corporations, concerned more about their profit, shipping product from the peninsula and less about the human and community economic element.

Live Rural NL 0

Christopher Mitchelmore

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