A Seal Flipper Foodstand?

Why are we not serving up Seal Flippers throughout the summer season?

Moose Burgers, Moose Stew and Caribou Steak have made the menus of some local restaurants and have made appearances at various festivals and special events throughout the summer. They sell like hot cakes. But seal meat does not make the cut? I have been hearing that seal flippers have been for sale recently at the waterfront at St. Johns, NL in a large supply over the local radio network. However, that is not Rural NL.

Crepe Stand, Paris, France

After travelling to many countries, there always seems to be a mobile food service stand that sells something significant to the culture. In Paris there are crepes made at street vendors. They are incredibly delicious. In Switzerland and the Czech Republic at Christmas, roasted nuts appeared to be a staple. New York has their famous hot dogs and Belgium – waffles, of course.

There may be room for an outlet that sells seal, wild game and other traditional cuisine of Rural Newfoundland & Labrador for those on the run.
Live Rural NL –
Christopher C. Mitchelmore



  1. Are you serious??? There are people who would buy this at a foodstand? I personally would not be able to sell this because I just don’t have the nerve to eat it (mind over matter); however, I know there are people who really enjoy this… I would have to really like the product to be able to sell it and market it.. certainly an idea to spread around in my local area. Interesting post!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for the comment. There are menus of stuff pigeon, horse steak, frogs legs, fish eggs and more. There is a love by some for seal flippers and a possible market for uniquely local foodstuffs. Few dare to skate the Rideau Canal in Ottawa without tasting the Beaver Tail! Cheers, Chris

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