Black Bear spotted driving ‘Cross Country Road’

Jenn of Wildwoods Farm was driving ‘cross country road’ – the road between Roddickton where one crosses the top of the peninsula to get to the Straits side via Grenfell Drive, Route 432, when she saw a Mama Black Bear crossing the road.

“She was very casual in her stroll. Once I got closer I saw in the woods she had single youngin’ in there, but they disappeared fast into the woods by then.”

Her photo was taken  about 9 in the morning during the first week of June. It is incredible the amount of wildlife one has the opportunity to see when driving our highways in Rural Newfoundland & Labrador. I had travelled over this past weekend to St. Anthony, L’Anse Aux Meadows, Quirpon, Main Brook, Conche, RoddicktonBide Arm and Englee and saw quite a few moose and other smaller critters. However, I have yet to see a bear this year. One trip to Conche last summer with a friend from Montreal, we did get a view of a young cub at roadside. It was my first black bear sighting in nearly 25 years on the rock. A few days later I would spot another black bear on the Trans-Canada Highway en route to Paradise to visit my sister.

I re-call when Winnie the Pooh was trapped in Rabbit’s burrow and Rabbit  placed a sign, “Don’t Feed the Bear!” Remember, that is good practise as they are wild animals.

Thank you Jenn for providing Live Rural NL readers the opportunity to see your supplied photo. I encourage you and others to send images of Great Northern Peninsula and I will do my best to make them available. Email

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