“The Peak of Your Newfoundland Experience” – Fishing Point, St. Anthony, NL

Fishing Point in the scenic seaside Town of St. Anthony, NL is a destination! It is the meeting place for many residents, local rural settlers and even an abundance of tourist. In comparison, it is the Signal Hill of the Great Northern Peninsula. However, I believe the view is much better as one can often catch a glimpse of an iceberg, whale, sea-bird, fishing vessel or even a viking!

A photo montage of my last visit on June 18, 2011:

From the rugged coastline…

The beacon that shines…

The Great Viking Feast – Dinner Theatre at Leifsburdir. The only sod covered restaurant in North America. Food served by the Vikings!

Walking Trails, Nature and Wildlife.

The Lightkeeper’s Restaurant & Fishing Point Emporium. Great food with an exceptional view. The Emporium has a large offering for those wishing to take away a piece of the rock. There is also a viewing area of local textile wildlife.

Snow at Fishing Point on June 18, 2011! It has been a cold cold summer thus far.

Northland Discovery Boat Tours departs for the giant iceberg just off the bight!

Fishing Point, St. Anthony, NL has so much to offer. It should not be missed on your visit of the Great Northern Peninsula.

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