The Old Wood Stove

The old wood stove has provided heat to Newfoundland & Labrador homes for hundreds of years. Like many rural homes, the primary source of heat is wood – which helps to keep demand for electricity low.

At the cabin – one simply can not miss out on the experience of enjoying a cup of tea made from the pristine pond water and boiled on the stove. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast with Tetley tea.

I remember as a child making toast bread using an old wire coat hanger. Those hangers are getting harder and harder to come by. So if you have one, keep it for the cabin so you too can make toast over the heat of the old wood stove.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North


  1. Love it!
    Brings me back to think of a cup of tea with my grandparents, and yes, toast on the wire coat hanger, and fresh fish we just caught frying in the cast iron pan, the smell of my poppy’s pipe and woodsmoke, listening to the crows cawing to each other, sunlight dancing on the pond and just pure joy 🙂

    I have two woodstoves in my home now. Happy memories

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