A Cod Jigger Coat Hook

A couple of weekends ago I visited the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre as the Craft Council had hosted their annual Christmas Fair. There were many artisans, artists and authors – all exhibiting their wares. A wide selection of textiles, stain glass, sculptures, Newfoundland & Labrador publishers, chocolates, ornaments, jewelry, photos, prints, sealskin and more.

I had made many purchases that day but I wanted to highlight my cod jigger coat hook in the photo below, which was handcrafted at the Green Family Forge.

St. John's-20121117-01226

The Green Family Forge has been a fixture in Trinity for more than 250 years in this province. The Trinity Historical Society proudly operates an active forge and has its handcrafted products for retail online. If you would like a custom-made product or purchase directly on-line to support one of our heritage industries their website is: http://www.trinityhistoricalsociety.com/shop_online.htm. The Historical Society realizes the importance of product development and gift shop sales to a non-profit. They have gotten creative by hammering out letter openers, coat hooks, fire pokers, key chains and more.

I am encouraged they are encompassing an important element of our culture, the “cod jigger” in a modern coat hook design that can be placed in the home or office. It is a conversation piece, a fixture – a realization that the cod fishery was the reason for the established permanent settlement in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Thirteen summers ago, I spent some time fishing cod with my father and had the opportunity to try my hand with the cod jigger. It will be a cherished memory, until I can take to the water and jig for cod again. This cod jigger coat hanger will be proudly placed in my home as a reminder of the importance of the cod jigger to our culture, heritage and history.

Live Rural NL

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North



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