If These Fishing Rooms Could Talk….


The Town of Anchor Point on the Great Northern Peninsula is the oldest English settlement in the area settled circa 1740. It was settled due to the rich fishing resources, where residents set-up winter housing at Deep Cove (a national historic site). Today the community remains the key employer in the Straits from Eddies Cove East to Anchor Point, given the presence of a secondary shrimp processing facility, numerous fishing enterprises and services related to this industry.

If these bright fishing rooms could talk, they would tell a story of economic growth and prosperity the fishery has brought to the Town of Anchor Point for more than 200 years. This community is bucking the trend of most rural communities, as it has a younger population, with a full bus load of children heading to school each day and new housing additions being added annually. There are rural success stories, on the Great Northern Peninsula and across the province.

The Town of Anchor Point is a great place to live, work or invest. There are opportunities to continue to expand our fishery and provide additional recreation and services for residents. Further diversification can be pursued in developing cottage industries, technology, co-operatives, social enterprises and private business to capitalize on a growing rural economy.

I encourage you to visit Anchor Point, and view the fishing rooms that have quite a story to tell…

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

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