MHA announces Christmas Card Winners for 2014

Christopher Mitchelmore (The Straits-White Bay North, MHA) announced today the winners of his 2014 Christmas card contest.

“I was very encouraged that more than 150 students participated in this year’s contest announced in September, which is up from the 90 entries received last year” says Mitchelmore. “All entries are available for public viewing at our constituency office’s public gallery on 279 West Street, St. Anthony until Christmas.”

In 2014, our District will have again have two unique card designs (depicted below) that showcase a total of ten student’s artwork that will brace the cover of the card. All businesses and households will get their own copy in time for the holidays if they accept unaddressed mail.

Card 1: Cover Credit Clockwise (Top Left): Basia Krupski, White Hills Academy, Grade 3; Tori Way, Canon Richards Memorial Academy, Grade 6; Cameron Dempsey, H.G Fillier, Grade 5; Emily Jones, Truman Eddison Memorial, Grade 6


Card 2 Cover Credit Clockwise (Top Left): Harley Pilgrim, 1st St. Anthony Girl Guides, Grade 6; Alexandra Tucker,  Mary Simms All-Grade, Grade 6; Caiden Parris, Cloud River Academy, Grade 1; Emma Carroll, White Hills Academy, Grade 3; DJ Moores, Canon Richard’s Memorial Academy, Grade 2; Kyle Genge, Canon Richard’s Memorial Academy, Grade 4




Each winner will receive a certificate and copies of the cards for their distribution.

“I congratulate all who participated and hope this encourages other schools and students throughout the District to also share their creativity and imagination for others to appreciate.”

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Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

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