American Base Trail Offers Pristine Views of Cremaillere Harbour in St. Anthony, NL

Cremaillere Harbour, Great Northern Peninsula

St. Anthony had a strong connection to the US Military during the Cold War era, as it was designated as a superior vantage point over the Atlantic Ocean. The Americans had a extensive base on site here, as they did in other regions of the province such as Argentia, Stephenville and Goose Bay.

American Base, St. Anthony before removal

Today, residents and visitors can still access the former site by taking the trail at the Grenfell House Museum which leads to Tea House Hill. About halfway through the trail there is a marked turn-off, which will lead you to the former US Military Base.

The trail would be ranked moderate due to some inclines, especially in the beginning. There are impressive views of the mountains, forest, flora, fauna, ponds, lakes, valleys and ocean views all along the route.

As you approach the former American Base site, there isn’t much left beyond some concrete foundations, graffitied walls and a staircase leading to nowhere. It takes you back to a different era and would lead many visitors to want to know more about the connection, the history and the impact the base would have had on the town. I would love to see photos of the base and interpretation added to the site to improve the overall visitor experience.

There is still much potential in these old remains and many stories I’m sure that could be shared.

At the very top one can look at the Cremellaire Harbour a proposed site for Northern shipping and other economic development. The area has immense beauty, you could easily find yourself passing two or three hours of time waking and exploring this trail and the site.

St. Anthony has a vast network of trails with five on Fishing Point, the connected Tea House Hill Trail, Bottom Brook Park Trail and Lamage Point. There is much to see and do in this impressive Northern town, where you can “Let Your Spirit Sail”.

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