Returning to Resettled Little Brehat by Trail, Great Brehat, NL

Great Brehat is a picturesque fishing community that is near St. Anthony and home to beautiful icebergs, whales, ocean views and an abundance of wild berries.

Great Brehat, NL

The community is home to both Flat Point Trail and Little Brehat Trail. Take the Viking Trail north to St. Anthony and just prior to St. Anthony take a left on St. Anthony Bight road. Prior to St. Anthony Bight another left on Great Brehat road will take you to the community. When this road comes to a turning point, you will want to go left until you see the trail head signage for Little Brehat and park at roadside, else you go to the end of the road by the cemetery which has a turnaround and parking for the entry to Flat Point Trail.

Little Brehat Trail Head

Little Brehat Trail is a 7 km return journey that is basically good for all skill levels of hiking. It is lightly trafficked and you will want to consider waterproof boots as there is some boggy areas. There are some steep hills along the route.

Along the route you will get some incredible ocean views and in season will see whales and icebergs. I even got to see the remnants of a glacier from the unmelted snow during my summer walk. You can easily go berry picking along the way.

I enjoyed seeing the large boulders left by glaciers from a different time to reaching the destination of a resettled community, known as “Little Brehat”. There are a couple of cabins located here today and likely still a good fishing ground in season for local fishers. You can always extend your adventure by roaming around the hills and unique coastline or by taking a rough trail to an old cemetery. There are many stories that could be told of this little community that is no more, if we connected with the right people.

Take time to explore our great outdoors and adventure into truly unique places like Little Brehat on the Great Northern Peninsula. Find yourself lost in our truly unforgettable nature, culture and history.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. I was born in Brehat and miss it so much. I enjoyed this post and the pictures.. Thank you.

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