Towering Ancient Ice Giants Live Here…

The towering ancient ice giants live at Goose Cove East on the Great Northern Peninsula and can be viewed easily from the Pumley Cove trail.

Towering Ice Giants, 2018

Massive icebergs were on the loose in 2011. I was fortunate to be in Goose Cove East on this beautiful July day to capture some of the remnants of the Peterman Ice Island.

The Great Northern Peninsula is home to the annual Iceberg Festival (held in early June), which celebrates the arrival of these 10,000 year old giants that come to our shores and are the perfect backyard chillers! People come from all over the world to see these natural wonders and experience the local hospitality, culture and beauty that is northern Newfoundland.

Trailhead to Pumley Cove

Pumley Cove Trail is about a 2.4 KM loop that takes you along a boardwalk to a gazebo, giving you views into Hare Bay. A location where Dr. Grenfell found himself a drift on an ice pan. The coastline is often scattered with icebergs, whales, fishing and tour boats. The trail has panels, rest stops and viewing areas. You may even be fortunate enough to get some beautiful views of the caribou in this fairytale of a town. The images from the top are certainly worth it.

Getting here is a trek up the Viking Trail (Route 430) more than 400 KM North of Deer Lake or 55 KM North of the St. Anthony airport. When you reach the Town of St. Anthony, you will see a sign to turn right on Goose Cove road past the Lion’s Club a total of 8 KM to the community. Drive to the very end of the road for parking and you will see the trailhead sign. You will also pass the Murrin root cellar, church, wharves, stages and other points of interest along the way.

From Spring to Fall, you can experience it all! Enjoy bakeapples if you go in late August and lots of flora, fauna and adventure in between the melting of the snow.

Last iceberg of the season, July 24th, 2020

However, don’t put it off too late! Iceberg season isn’t all year but the memories you make will be forever. Get hear early from late May to the end of July to experience these towering ancient ice giants for yourself. It’s an experience of a lifetime!

Learn more about the Great Northern Peninsula’s more than 80 trails by clicking here.

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    1. We would certainly love to have you come visit during iceberg season, when Covid-19 measures are reduced. These ice giants are thousands of years old and are just more impressive in person.

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