Have You Explored New Ferolle Lighthouse?

Nestled midway between Point Riche Lighthouse in Port au Choix and Flower’s Island Lighthouse, Flower’s Cove rests the New Ferolle Lighthouse, a station that began in 1911 and was operational by 1913.

This light was an important navigator for shipping and protection of fishers as the Ferolle Peninsula has unique landmark that separates St. John’s Bay and St. Margaret’s Bay. The area is believed to be named for and connected to the Basque fishers, as there are similar named places in Spain. A little further North in Red Bay there is a World UNESCO Heritage Site that tells the story of the Basque whalers. All along our coastlines are communities that are culturally connected from various European explorers who visited and or settled in the millennia to those indigenous who have been here for thousands of years before any others.

Adventure awaits anyone with a passion to explore lighthouses, capture beautiful nature and wildlife, walk along the beach, and just enjoy the views.

You can walk for miles along these coastlines and see the unique rock formations, flowers growing, take in an old root cellar and the vista views of the Highlands of St. John. There is much to see an do in New Ferolle as you reflect back upon time. Past Lightkeeper’s can easily talk about all the property and outbuildings that excited on site. As you loop through the communities you will be able to see lots of great fishing imagery of boats, wharves, gear and fishing rooms. At the end of your day you may wish to drop by Ray’s Lounge for a beverage and share in a story or two with the locals in Reef’s Harbour.

To get here you have to take the Viking Trail on Route 430 to the Reef’s Harbour/Shoal Cove West turnoff. It’s 11 KM to New Ferolle and just a few more KMs over a gravel road to get you to the lighthouse.

You can easily get a great meal at the Viking 430 Restaurant on the junction highway that also promotes the lighthouse. I recommend their fish dishes, especially the chowder if it’s available. You can also have an enjoyable night’s rest at Tucker’s Cottage right next door. There’s another hike that takes you to St. Margaret’s Bay, which is a winter housing site that has miniature housing replicas at the end of the route. It’s another great addition to the list of places to experience on our Great Northern Peninsula.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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