Have You Seen Aunt Bride’s Lookout, Gunners Cove, NL?

Aunt Bride’s Lookout, Gunners Cove

Just 8 kilometres from L’anse aux Meadows World UNESCO site is the community of Gunners Cove, where you can find yourself hiking a portion of the Iceberg Trail by taking a trek to Aunt Bride’s Lookout.

The Friendly Giant said, “Look up, Way up”. Well just across from the Valhalla Lodge you will find the entrance to the Aunt Bride’s Trail. It’s directly on Route 436, so you may park at the edge of the roadside to begin. A set of stairs will take you to a higher elevation through some trees to a hill at the top just some 430 metres away. A return journey of just 1 kilometre that offers beautiful panoramic vistas from the very top of the lookout.

From berries, mushrooms to minerals, you will want your camera near. You can walk in the areas where the first Europeans that came to North America walked more than 1,000 years ago. The headlands, the water and open nature are just inspiring. Take some time on your visit to enjoy and take in all this beauty that surrounds us.

If you worked up an appetite you can get a meal in Gunner’s Cove at the Northern Delight Restaurant. If you are lucky their will be live music or a visit from the mummers. Also, there are numerous accommodations that include Hillside B&B, Valhalla Lodge Inn and rental properties of Annie’s Retreat or Wavey’s House. It’s also a starting point for the incredible trail to walk to Abandoned Fortune.

If anyone knows more about Aunt Bride, just post a comment below or drop me a line at mitchelmore@liveruralnl.com.

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