Getting Lost at L’anse aux Bauld , Quirpon, NL

Mom and I at L’anse aux Bauld Head, September 2020

Quirpon, NL offers some of the most picturesque trails on the entire Great Northern Peninsula. They are definitely under promoted.

• Quirpon Look-Out • Finding Abandoned FortuneL’anse aux BauldIsle of Demons Trail (Quirpon Island)

The L’anse aux Bauld trail is definitely one of my favourite but does need a little work with additional trail markers and some clearing of overgrown brush to navigate ones journey. We got a little lost, but it was all part of the adventure!

On September 1st, my mom, Marilyn and I decided to explore a very lightly trafficked trail in Quirpon known as L’anse aux Bauld that is part of the Iceberg Trail. It isn’t an easy trail to find the beginning even if using an App like AllTrails. We were fortunate that local resident Scott Patey saw us venture to the right which would us overgrown and told us the best route is behind his property at the corner of a workshop through the forest.

The easiest directions I can provide is take the Viking Trail North (Route 430) until you get to the L’anse aux Meadows highway (Route 436). You take this route until you get to the Quirpon road, which is 3 KM to the community. At the stop sign that offers 4 ways, take a left and you will circle until you can take another left. Go past the cemetery to the end of the road where three houses are in front of the hill. You will see a sign on a pole (pictured below) and you can park here and go left behind the house to begin your 4 to 5 kilometre journey depending on your route and how much exploring you will do off the trails.

The beginning of the trail is through a wooded area and can offer some inclines. The rate is rated difficult but I would think that is because of the lack of markers en route and the condition of the trail. There are some inclines but would think this trail is more moderate to difficult.

The trail basically offers two loops, however, you are best to judge how you wish to return. We found ourselves a little off the path on our final return and ended up crawling through trees to get back to higher land and reconnect with the trail. It wasn’t ideal but we can laugh a little about it now as part of the daily adventure!

From erratics to unique rock formations, cairns to views that are awe inspiring – you will want to have lots of time to fully explore L’anse aux Bauld.

Another one-eyed sea monster?

The green grass and rolling hills in part reminded me of Ireland. The land rugged but bearing plentiful signs of partridgeberries, blueberries, blackberries and bakeapples. The presence of all these natural berries may be the reason this region was called Vinland by the Vikings! Also, so many forms of mushrooms would certainly be of interest to the forager.

Despite our false start and getting off track, we had an incredible experience. Let’s hope this trail gets a little attention by locals and those involved in the tourism industry, as this is definitely one of the premier hikes to experience on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Quirpon is also home to a French Bread Oven, Linkum Tours, Quirpon Lighthouse Inn, the Big Blow B&B and the Viking RV park is at the junction. This is a community that has lots of whales, icebergs, bird and marine life. Lots to see and do in beautiful Quirpon that has a population of 77 (some days).

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Thank you for your photos and trail info. I hope to travel to Newfoundland again someday. Do you have any word on when tourists from the US might be allowed to travel, perhaps those of us with a vaccination? Are you available as a guide?

    1. Appreciate your comment and interest in our beautiful province. Current plans are to reopen to Atlantic Canada on April 19th. Canada and the US has kept the border closed for another month, so we need to see an update. I keep monitoring the news for those who are vaccinated and when restrictions will be removed. I am not currently offering guided tours, but may consider if I am available.

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