Armistice Park & Resettlement Stories in Bide Arm, NL

Armistice Park is named after the schooner built by Master Boatbuilder William Hopkins, as the keel was laid on Armistice Day, November 11th, 1918. The schooner would sail the Atlantic and founder of the shores of Spain in 1923.

Armistice Park, one of 4 entry points to the trails

Bide Arm, like many communities in the Great Northern Peninsula East has a unique history. In 1969, many houses were floated across from Hooping Harbour, Little Harbour Deep, Williamsport, Englee and Fox Harbour to begin the development of the town. It was the only community created at the time through the Government of NL, Resettlement Act.


Bide Arm trails have four different access points that accounts for 4 km of natural trails and boardwalk (some places need repair when I last took the trail in 2020). It’s a beautiful trail with lots of attractions to see along the route, from bridges to a fishing stage and wharf to a winter tilt and more.

Trail Map

The Armistice Park, which has RV sites and one trail entrance is directly on Route 433 to Englee, past the entrance to Bide Arm. However, there are multiple options to enter from Bide Arm as per image above.

Enjoy walking through the forest as you make you way to the arm that is the Safe Haven of the North. You will see gazebos, experience the beach, nature, interpretation about resettlement, boat building and more history of abandoned communities. This trail is really wall done in terms of being a destination but needs a little maintenance and some further promotion. It is a great place for family picnics and enjoy beautiful Bide Arm. Your seat awaits…

Be sure to add Bide Arm to your GNP adventure!

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