French Rooms Bread Oven & Barbace Cove, Port au Choix, NL

Fresh rolls are served up using a French bread oven in Port au Choix. At the end of Forest road in this historic fishing community with thousands of years of indigenous culture and also a part of the French Shore, you will find a bread oven, chaloupe and a venture to enjoy history over a cup of tea, wildberry jam and those melt in your mouth rolls from those dressed in period costume.

The French Rooms Cultural Centre is home to a museum, opposite of the Ocean Choice International Shrimp Plant. You can purchase locally produced cooked and peel shrimp there, caught just off our waters in the Gulf. The museum has a gift shop as well and recognized the importance of expanding their programming. The bread oven has become extremely popular and is a must when visiting the area during summer.

You can eat inside or out, enjoy interpretation, see salt cod drying, take a look at the herbs growing in the garden, dress in period costume (pre-Covid-19). I enjoy joined a family in the French boat.

A remarkable experience for any age group and especially fun for families. After you’ve had you fill or if you wish to work up an appetite, enjoy a trek around Barbace Cove.

Barbace Cove is a 4-5 KM return along the coastline. You may even experience the caribou up close along with other wild and sea life, flowers and you may even find some connections to the past.

With more than 5,000 years of history and a place known as the “Crossroads of Culture”, you will want to take in all Port au Choix has to offer on the Great Northern Peninsula.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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