Finding Miniatures in St. Margaret’s Bay

St. Margaret’s Bay is nestled between the Dog Peninsula of Bird Cove to Reefs Harbour-Shoal Cove West and New Ferolle. It provided shelter to early settlers when they would live during winter, similar to Deep Cove Heritage Site.

A 3.3 KM trail will lead you to the mouth of the bay where we had the pleasure of seeing a caribou grazing from a distance. The first section of trail has been upgraded and is a crushed stone pathway. About midway there is a boardwalk, but use caution as it is in need of repairs.

You will find this trail off Route 430, at the Reef’s Harbour Junction across from Tucker’s Cottages and Viking 430 Restaurant and Convenience. There is dedicated parking at the beginning of the trail.

The trail has an alternative entry on Reef’s Harbour road, parking would be at roadside. The trek will take you through the forest, across bogs and you have an opportunity to see wildlife, natural flowers and various bodies of water.

A sign will welcome you to St. Margaret’s Bay and you will see a number of housing miniatures. There are picnic tables and areas for enjoying a rest or a meal at the end. Enjoy the serenity and calmness of this unique place in our history.

Add this unique experience to your journey when exploring the Great Northern Peninsula!

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. This trail is in immense disrepair and is nearly impossible to complete. Sections are completely collapsed and rotten, multiple sections fell through as I walked on it! Absolute danger to the public and should NOT BE OPEN!

    1. The first 1.6 KM has been replaced with crushed stone. I agree that the remaining portion is in disrepair. I believe the St Barbe Development Association does have a sign warning people of the condition. They did receiving funding for upgrades but were unable to secure workers. People should use the trail at their own risk.

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