Will Icebergs return to Silver Point in 2021?

Another Ice Giant at St. Anthony Bight

St. Anthony Bight is just a few kilometres outside the Town of St. Anthony and it is often a location where icebergs rests and can be seen from across Fishing Point.

The trail is a nearly 4 KM return if you take some time to wonder the Flat Rocks. With views like the one below, how could you resist?

The trail seems to be very popular and offers nice nature views of forested areas and flat coastline. There is potential to see wildlife and sea life. The beauty of the natural flat rocks have to contend with what seems like years of graffiti. I spent a lot of time around the rocks and the area just exploring.

From mussels, birds to berries, there is a lot to offer on this trail. You will want to also check out St. Anthony Bight Loop which connects and has a picnic, nature and viewing area.

Early June marks the return of the Iceberg Festival for the Great Northern Peninsula. It’s the perfect time to plan a visit and hopefully you too will be greeted by these iceberg giants!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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