Early Icebergs Arrive near the Great Northern Peninsula!

Lower Cove – April 21, 2021

Every year the Great Northern Peninsula holds an annual Iceberg Festival to celebrate these 10,000 year old marvels. The icebergs spend up to two years as they break away from Greenland to reach our shores. The season is typically from late April until mid-July.

On Tuesday, I took a walk along the beach and saw some Bergy bits (iceberg ice) that made it to shore. I was very happy as this ice is so pristine and wonderful in a beverage.

A little further along the shore, I got my first glimpse of a small iceberg.

Today, I took a walk and could see an iceberg grounded in Lower Cove, the neighbouring community so I opted to walk the old road along the shore to get a closer look. Along the way there were geese flying overhead and the waves gently rolling in the sand.

I’ve walked these beaches many times in my childhood, but I certainly have a new appreciation of the incredible beauty of my hometown of Green Island Cove. I never remembered the beaches as sandy, skies and waves at times so tranquil and the views of Labrador, well, they never get old.

Tonight just proved to be spectacular sunset with iceberg!

There are many reasons to live and explore rural NL. Come and experience an iceberg season and you too will fall in love with our little rural paradise.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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