Enchanting Englee from Shoe Pond Hill!

The view from the gazebo at Shoe Pond Hill, Englee, NL

ADD IT TO YOUR LIST! Shoe Pond Hill Trail in Englee, NL is part of the Northeast Way Trail Network. I parked by the basketball courts and hiked up the hill. It got steeper as I went. It’s just over a 2 KM journey return but definitely a strenuous hike. The top has a gazebo with panoramic views of the community. I recommend wearing good footwear as the trail can be a little muddy or wet in places. It appears the town is doing a few upgrades on this trail with material at the bottom of the trail. You can also connect into Lockers Point Trail, it’s a 1.5 KM to the other end of the community.

I must commend the men and women who build this trail as they had to be tough as nails to be bringing materials all the way up this very steep hill to create the gazebo, bridges and rest stops along the way. The view at the top is truly worth it and you get to see one of our most enchanting towns in the province from a great vantage point.

The Town of Englee has destination trails, 4 in the community and you can walk them all including some of the town roads to connect for more than 13 KM or just down them one by one.

Getting to Englee means travelling North on the Viking Trail (Route 430) and turning to Route 432 near Plum Point to Roddickton. At the junction you will turn right and drive through Roddickton and Englee is another 17 km at the end of the road. Add it to your Staycation list and you too will fall in love, like I have, with this amazing little town.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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