A Basque Replica Home, Found in Plum Point, NL

Replica of a Basque Home Circa 1600.

Old Ferolle Historic Interpretation Site in Plum Point – Old Ferolle island was used as a fishing station from the Basque period of the late 16th century. On the island there are remnants of pathways, building foundations, ovens, fish storage areas, wharf foundations and gardens, all likely related to the 18th century fishery.

You can watch for birds, enjoy the Basque replica home craft shop or take a stroll on the boardwalk (caution as it requires some maintenance) which takes you to the Plum Point Motel. A view from their dining room is also spectacular!

The boardwalk can be found by taking the Plum Point exit adjacent to the Plum Point Motel off the Viking Trail, Route 430. A sign will direct you to a parking area. You may also want to visit the Anglican Church, which throughout summer has opened a social cafe and craft venue at the adjoined hall.

Be sure to continue along your journey and visit Bird Cove where 5,000 years of culture can be found at 50 Centuries and enjoy walking the Dog Peninsula.

There is so much to see and explore when on the Great Northern Peninsula. There’s more than 80 trails. Check them out here.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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