St. Anthony Bight Loop a Popular Walk for Locals & Tourists

St. Anthony Bight Loop

The St. Anthony Bight Loop is a picnic area, walking trail and offers nature viewing and is quite popular with locals and visitors in the summer season.

The trailhead can be found just off St. Anthony Bight road. You need to take the Viking Trail (Route 430) until nearly St. Anthony and turn left on the road that leads to Great Brehat, St. Carol’s and St. Anthony Bight. There are 5 trails in these three communities you may enjoy. More information found here.

As you walk the loop you will come to a picnic area and place where you can enjoy an outdoor fire. Also take a walk along the beach or enjoy birds and other wildlife.

The trail is a shorter loop, but does connect to Silver Point Trail that takes you to the Flat Rocks and iceberg viewing area. Views from the hill allow you to also see the homes down in the Bight. It’s a great place to explore and enjoy when on the Great Northern Peninsula. Another one of our hidden gems.

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