White Rocks Walking Trail & Extension

White Rocks, Flower’s Cove

The White Rocks Walking Trail is Dedicated to the Memory of WWI Veteran Lt. Albert S. Rose. It is an extremely well done trail by Town of Flower’s Cove. It is well signed and also incorporates a pathway to the commercial district to support business. Great work and incredible scenery to enjoy along this boardwalk and extension.

Lt. Albert S. Rose

Lt. Albert S. Rose was one of the Monchy ten. He was a runner and carried his message under his tongue with orders to swallow if captured. Because of his successful efforts and that of his comrades, Monchy was saved.

The White Rocks are part of the Limestone Barrens which these features can be found along many of the coastal communities of the Great Northern Peninsula.

Limestone Barrens

On a tour of these limestone barrens you may find nearly 30 species of rare plants found in Flowers Cove.

A gentle boardwalk will take you to the White Rocks and you can loop around or have the option to extend your walk to travel behind the school, health centre and personal care home. You can also walk back on the trail at roadside passing commercial businesses to get back to the parking lot. This portion of the trail is complete with a crushed stone or natural pathway.

This trail is loved by locals and not to be missed when visiting. Flower’s Cove is also home to the Thrombolites. These two trails are well worth the trip on the Great Northern Peninsula!

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. If anyone is interested in reading the story of the heroism of Lt. Rose and his comrades at Monchy Le Preux they should read Anthony McAllister’s book The Greatest Gallantry. You will be very proud of them.

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