Flower’s Island Forever

Flower’s Island

Flower’s Island is a very dear place for me. Nearly two decades ago I founded and operated Flower’s Island Museum. It was my first foray into entrepreneurship and was an incredible immersion into learning more about story telling, culture, history and the Great Northern Peninsula!

For generations, there were light-keepers that resided on this island that started with Peter Flowers and continued with many members of the Lavallee Family. You will find descendants in Flower’s Cove and Nameless Cove today!

I opted to walk from the White Rocks down to Nameless Cove. The gravel road to the point is a nice walk in which you will pass stacked lobster traps, wharves and fishing rooms before you get to a parking and interpretation area for Flower’s Island. At a low tide you can walk nearly to the island and spend much time combing the beach.

Flower’s Island has forever helped shape the person I am today. As a teenager at the time, I wouldn’t know the impact but walking the road it January of this year, it was all very clear.

Find your passion. Get out and explore.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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