River of Ponds Walking Trails (Part 1)

On Route 430 in the Town of River of Ponds you will find a designated parking area and a sign that says River of Ponds Walking Trails nestled between Riverside Chalets and House’s Cabins.

On the left hand side of Route 430 (Viking Trail) the walking trail is 3 KM return and takes you to the beach.

A nice walk along the steady through the forest will eventually take you to the beach. At the end a bench awaits for you to enjoy the views of the water. You see a cabin from across the way and may even see some fishers from River of Ponds or Spirity Cove if you are lucky.

An abundance of nature awaits you in River of Ponds. This is a popular place to enjoy salmon fishing or other outdoor activity.

When visiting the Great Northern Peninsula you will want to visit River of Ponds. You can take in the trail to the pond across the road or find fossils along the headlands and visit an ancient ocean at Table Point Ecological Reserve just to the south.

Explore all the Great Northern Peninsula has to offer.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


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