Forrester’s Point has a New Trail

Walking trails from Black Duck Cove Day Park takes you to Forrester’s Point on the Great Northern Peninsula. These upgrades were completed in 2019. The trail is now on interconnected from St. Barbe to Pigeon Cove to Black Duck Cove to Forrester’s Point.

I decided to loop back around on the old fisheries road once I completed the new trail in Forrester’s Point. This is an easy 3 KM scenic loop.

There is is a pond and lots of forests views over the nice crushed stone walkways. You will also pass a vegetable garden as you get views of homes in Forrester’s Point.

You have the option of returning via the trail back or at the end (depicted in the last photo above), just turn right and you will get views of the ocean, lobster traps, logging and more about the traditional lifestyle in rural communities on the Great Northern Peninsula.

This is a great option for those planning a trip to Labrador and spend the evening or morning in the area. The trail from St. Barbe to Forrester’s Point return is great exercise and offers some beautiful views and attractions along the way.

Learn more about the trail system here: St. Barbe to Pigeon Cove. For more Great Northern Peninsula trails visit here.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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