Destination Black Duck Cove Seashore Day Park & Trails

The Black Duck Cove Seashore Day Park is a hidden gem with housing miniatures, playground, viewing area, basketball court and picnic area for all ages to enjoy. Nestled just a few minutes from St. Barbe – The Gateway to Labrador.

Some people park in the area and watch the ferry crossing too.

In earlier postings, I’ve described the trail from St. Barbe to Pigeon Cove. A further connection exists from Pigeon Cove to Black Duck Cove and then to the Day Park. When you arrive in Pigeon Cove, take the road past the church and you will find a trail to the right which takes you to Black Duck Cove.

This trail will end at the road, take the road through the community and go past the wharf, take the route to the left where you will spot the boardwalk to take you around the pond. The grass is overgrown going to the boardwalk, otherwise the trail is in excellent condition.

Beautiful views take you to the day park. You can also take the new trail connecting to Forresters Point. I returned via road instead of trail through the Fisheries road, and the road past Dredge’s electrical, a left at the stop sign will take you back through Black Duck Cove into St Barbe. This trial is just over 7 KM return from the beginning. It’s 11 KM return from St. Barbe to Forrester’s Point.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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