Early Indigenous People Settled in Port au Choix Thousands of Years Ago

Parks Canada are the caretakers of the archaeological site, Phillip’s Garden in Port au Choix. The site provides insight to our indigenous early people who set up a settlement at Phillip’s Garden more than 2,000 years ago.

To visit Phillip’s Garden you can do so from multi-trail points. The shortest route would be taking the Coastal Trail from Old Port au Choix, which is about 1 KM in distance. You can also walk from the Visitor Centre via the Dorset Trail for 3 KM or the Point Riche Trail from the lighthouse to Phillip’s Garden 3 KM. I personally recommend making the loop and spending time in this place of our earliest people who inhabited these lands and made a life from the land and sea.

For more than 4,000 years, this part of Newfoundland has provided a living for people who harvest the wealth of the sea. The vegetation and scenery along the trail have changed little over the centuries, and the 2,200 year old Paleo-Eskimo site at Phillip’s Garden offers mute testimony to the past cultures of Port au Choix

Parks Canada

The site has been excavated by archaeologist that have found tools, weapons, food bones and other artifacts that have provided better insight on how the Dorset cultures lived.

Take time to learn and walk these lands that were first inhabited by the indigenous cultures of Port au Choix. The community is a rich and vibrant fishing town that even today provides a living to the people of the area from the abundance of resources from the sea that surrounds it.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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