Fabulous Memories at Flat Point Look-Out in Great Brehat

Local residents certainly have stories to share about the look-out on the point. With views like the one above, I can see why many would come to experience it again and again.

Great Brehat is nestled at the end of the road near St. Anthony. Turn left on the Viking Trail, Route 430 on St. Anthony Bight road and another left to Great Brehat. When in Great Brehat turn one final left and drive to the end of the road and park next to the cemetery. You will pass the trailhead as well that takes you to Little Brehat, which is a resettled community. Dedicated parking and a staircase awaits.

A short climb up the stairs takes you to a breathtaking view of the community and if you are lucky you will get to see some lovely icebergs, fishing boats or spot some whales. Berries can be found on the hills and also enjoy the forest, coastline and views of the ocean.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Over the years we have traveled the world but one of our favorite places is Newfoundland. I was so happy to come across your site as we are our own travel agents. Our first trip was exploring the south west from Port aux Basque to Gros Morn. The second trip was the Avalon and Bonavista peninsulas where we fell in love with the quaint villages and great trails.
    The third trip was to NE coast with Twillinggate and Fogo island being the highlights. This year we planned a fourth trip to the GNP, Labrador, Bae Vert and the western part of the Bay of Islands. Unfortunately, our son be came ill and we had to cancel. It is a rainy morning, So I started looking at maps of the GNP and by accident ended up here. What a gold mine of information you offer! Now we can tweak our trip for next fall to some of the places you have mentioned along with hikes and accommodation changes. We envy your treks and youth as we are 79 and 81 and time is not on our side but we also have a fifth trip in mind to the Burin peninsula, the south coast and the French islands two years! The island people are so friendly and helpful and go out of their way to show you something wonderful
    or a trail head you have missed! We tell people to visit all the time as it’s closer to home than Scotland!
    Thanks again for all your insights, pictures and information!
    John and Phyllis Norton
    Rural Pennsylvania

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