Welcome to Savage Cove Point – A Creative Pathway Showcasing Surnames

Welcome to Savage Cove Point

The community of Savage Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula has a popular walking area, known locally as the Point. Although only a few minutes from my home, it’s not a place I’ve ever walked.

The beginning is just near the wharf and harbour authority building where you can see an old gravel road that is a multi-use walking, hiking or ATV trail. You will be met with a blue rock that has yellow paint that welcomes you to Savage Cove Point. As you walk along the trail you will see a lovely coastline and also rocks painted that have the surnames of Savage Cove every few feet (I apologize in advance if I missed one, I didn’t see the surname Gaulton). I thought this was a nice addition and showcased a little more of what is the fabric of this close knit community.

The trail has picnic tables and rest benches that are placed in memory of loved ones. Truly a special touch as those individuals enjoyed the beauty of this place, of home. It is a nice feature for family and/or friends to have placed them for all to enjoy. A number of beach fire pits are made from flat rocks and indicative of how much this place is frequented by locals.

The trail continues along the beach to limestone rocks and eventually gives you the option to enter the Sandy Cove Ecological Reserve along the shoreline. We opted to go via the airport landing strip and then taking the gravel road back to Route 430 to Savage Cove and take the community road back to the parking area of the Harbour Authority Building. It was around a 4 KM walk and certainly not difficult. I can see why many locals love this walking route.

Savage Cove

With not a ripple on the water, I truly enjoyed the views and could have easily spent hours here. A place that is so close to my own home and yet one I’m just experiencing. Your backyard beckons. Get out and explore!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Wonderful to see the memorial stones of family names, past and present, Over seventy years ago, as a pre-teenager, I spent a couple of weeks visiting with the families of Matt and George Henry Coles, particularly their sons Baxter and Lloyd who were mischief makes of the same age. Wonderful boyhood memories of exploring the point long before the painted stones were in place.

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