A Day on the Water During the Food Fishery

I always enjoy taking to the water during the food fishery. This season has been pretty difficult for most as there have been lots of wind throughout July and into August on the days the fishery is permitted.

The fishery is the reason our little outports were settled and exist to this day. I always enjoy seeing many boats and the activity at the community wharf. It brings back a lot of excitement for young and old alike who live here and even for those who visit.

It seems we still have a long ways to go since before the moratorium of nearly 30 years ago, as the cod have certainly not returned in numbers like my grandfather talked about.

Although, the cod weren’t biting on our short trip out we had lots of fun! It was nice to chat to other fishers on the water, even if they weren’t having much luck either. I’m sure we will get back to the water to catch a few fish for a nice meal.

A photo from 2019, where the whales were putting on quite a show around the small fishing boat.

Its important to the well-being of our communities that we learn and participate actively in our culture. We teach the next generation, by sharing our knowledge and skills and the importance of rural life.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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