Just Minutes to Copper Mine Falls Trail

Copper Mine Falls

The Copper Mine Falls Trail is a short 0.5 KM to the falls with a great view of a waterfall at the end. There’s a picnic table if you wish to stop for a rest and enjoy a lunch as you listen to the tumbling water at the falls.

Adjacent to this trail, is the renamed Copper Mine Trail that takes you 3.4 KM up an incline of 670 metres in elevation change. It is something we wanted to do, but saved this trail along with a couple of others for a future trip to Lark Harbour and York Harbour.

If you enjoy a fairly easy trail and the views of a water fall, put this one on your list. There is a dedicated parking lot and a sign that will direct you up a gravel road on the left at York Harbour.

Enjoy exploring what OBIEC has put together. Their trails are fantastic!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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