Trekking from Renews to Fermeuse along the Bear Cove Path

Leaving Renews

After trekking the Island Path from Cappahayden to Renews in some mist and foggy weather, mom and I lucked out going from Renews to Fermeuse along the Bear Cove Path. It’s 11.5 KM to Kingman’s and then a return back to one’s vehicle. We considered the ATV trail or old road back to create a shorter route.

In Renews we met a man who even moved his car so we had ample parking space by the trail head. There was a dedication by the Come Home Year Committee of 2008, highlighting a visit by the Prime Minister. The beginning of the trail was pasture land and hugged the shoreline. Lots of photos were taken of the coast, the beaches and then we entered the forest.

The trail offered many beautiful views and after several kilometres we found our way to the lighthouse.

We sat on the steps here and ate our lunch. An older gentleman came walking down the road saying he had a cabin in the area and regularly walks this route. We told him we were doing the East Coast Trail. He said he walked it a few years ago too.

The East Coast Trail is truly a gem. We continued on our route.

The trail would take us to Blacksmith, a now resettled area where the foundations remain. As we came out along a gravel road we came to a property and met a gentleman named Reg. He invited us into his home, which had a spectacular view. He is truly a friend of hikers, having fresh water available outside to fill up your containers and warnings of drinking untested water nearby. He offered us a drink or use of the washroom and told us several stories of hikers that have used the trail and visited. He had a guest book and the most beautiful view along the harbour. He gave us some directions on how to find the shortcut to get back to our car in Renews.

We ended up taking a route a little sooner and then had to turn around. There was Reg and Cathy saying they would bring us to Renews, so we accepted. When we talked to their car, he gave us a grand tour of Port Kirwan, Kingman’s, Renews and Fermeuse. It was incredible to have such a local’s knowledge of the area. The hospitality excited by these two are not forgotten. It was definitely one of the major highlights of walking the East Coast Trail this past year.

It’s a long way from St. John’s down to the beginning of the East Coast Trail and back, but well worth it, especially if you get to meet Reg and Cathy along the way!

Enjoy your trekking adventures!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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