Returning to LaManche Suspension Bridge

LaManche Suspension Bridge

LaManche Village is another re-settled fishing community on the Avalon Peninsula and is a part of the East Coast Trail.

The easiest route to LaManche Village, Suspension Bridge and the swimming hole is 1 KM south of LaManche Park along the gravel road. There is dedicated parking and a shorter walk via the trail.

From Tors Cove you can take Powerhouse Road to find your way to Burnt Cove and then St. Michael’s by foot and then meet the trail head to LaManche Village. There is also parking in this area as well.

It’s 2 KM from the trailhead to LaManche and just 1.2KM to Doctor’s Cove. Unique flat rocks and columns had mom and I standing by them. It reminded us when we went to the Giant’s Gauseway in Northern Ireland and stood between the rocks for photos. A little further along the coastline you just want to take photos of the shoreline and then you arrive. There are concrete footings that remain of former homes. There are many untold stories of this place.

As you continue around the shore and up a hill you finally get to the point where the suspension bridge is visible. The year prior we had walked the gravel road from the road and crossed the bridge but didn’t go any further. It was well-worth taking this trail and getting such different views.

LaManche Suspension Bridge

You are eager to cross the bridge and capture photos of the falls and take in your surroundings. Even if not for the first time, the feeling is magically the same. The motion of the bridge, the sound of the falls and the stillness that is created by a feeling of abandonment by the stone remains, glancing back at the chimney stacks and looking out to sea.

Lots of great memories taking this trail. If you wish to walk back to Tors Cove from here, it’s 6.4 KM.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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