Historic Bay De Verde

Bay de Verde is a prominent fishing town in Newfoundland and Labrador. The view of the harbour showcases many fishing boats, wharf infrastructure and rebuilt fish processing plants after a devastating fire.

All around the community there is a focus on the fishery. It is a driver of their economy and also works synergistically with the developing tourism industry.

The Blundon House is a heritage home that offers freshly made tea buns for those who wish to enjoy tea or coffee on site and learn more about the past. There are flakes, fishing sheds and other daily activities one can learn more about when visiting. It’s also a place to hike to Lazy Rock along the hiking trail.

Other parts of the community pay homage to John Guy and his connection to the area. There is a newly built tourism information centre along the entry way and viewing areas. My visit was surrounded by fog but on a typical day you are taking photos of the saltbox homes, the beautiful churches, the unique coastlines and all things fishery related.

More recently, the community has taken on in partnership with other communities and local leaders to see an interconnected ATV trail. This is changing the movement and opportunity for visitors to the area.

Whether you plan a day trip or will be overnighting, this area is a wonderful part of the province to experience.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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