Canada’s First Methodist Church dates back to 1769 in Blackhead

Blackhead Cemetery

The cemetery is also the site of Canada’s first Methodist church, built in 1769. Albeit, NL didn’t join Canada until 1949.

I spent some time walking through the cemetery, along the old tombstones. You learn about the area, including some of the early settlers in the community, there last names, who they married and may question if their family name remains a part of the community today.

Blackhead Old Cemetery Site is marked with designation. The church bell has been maintain and weighs several hundred pounds.

Most older churches were built from wood and require replacement. I believe from what I read there were three churches on site since 1769. NL does have a few stone churches, with some in St. John’s, Ferryland and a former church in Harbour Grace.

It’s like walking back in time when you pass through this older cemetery. A space for reflection and to remember those who were here before current residents. on a recent trip to Europe, I spent some time in a cemetery. There is a calmness of walking through the rows and respecting those who have since passed away.

Blackhead has a lot of history, as does its surrounding communities. You may want to visit on your next excursions around the bay.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. You say nothing about the church but I’m glad to see the site recognized. I stayed at a nearby Vacation spot and explored the grounds. It was built close to the start of Methodism and yet does not get the share of attention that it should.

    1. I really don’t know anything about the church only the information that was at the site monument, but would welcome others to share their knowledge, photos or stories.

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