A Bright Light Shines on Hants Harbour

As you enter the community of Hant’s Harbour, you pass brightly painted fishing sheds.

The end of the road brings you to a short trail, which takes you to the Hant’s Harbour Lighthouse Trail. A short 500 metre return route is well worth the stop. The biggest challenge is knowing where to park as there are many properties near the trailhead.

As you climb the hill, a small forested area offers some flowers, berries, mushrooms and community views. As you near the lighthouse you will be looking back and taking several photos of Hant’s Harbour.

You can see that this bright light would be welcome by fishers, to protect against reefs and the jagged shorelines. Take a few minutes and explore Hants Harbour when on the Baie de Verde Peninsula!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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