Peter Easton and a Path for the Pirates

Harbour Grace is one of Newfoundland’s oldest English settlements, the place where Amelia Earhart departed for her solo Trans Atlantic flight and was home to famous pirates, among many other notable points in history.

The community has a trail, that is just over 7 linear KM return, named Pirate’s Path. Pirate Peter Easton, one of most famous English pirates is likely a key reason for the name. He played a role in the early English settlement of Newfoundland, including the settlements at Harbour Grace and Ferryland in the early 1600s.

When I was younger I read the Legend of Princess Sheila NaGeira. She was an Irish Princess that was saved by a Pirate and settled in Newfoundland. She became a community leader and lived to 105 years, according to legend.

“It’s better to wear out, than to rust out.”

Princess Sheila NaGeira

It seems there is a connection between the two and there were other pirates and stories, I’m sure people know and can share about the area.

Water Street East becomes Mosquito Hill, where there is dedicated parking, colourful red, white and blue chairs and beautiful beach views. The trail is well signed and notes the distance travelled. You’ll be stopping to take photos in the forest and from the shores below. There are brilliant sea stacks to mossy forest floors. The views are worth taking a rest and taking in your surroundings.

Even in fog, this hike was beautiful. On the return we took Sow Point to travel to Bristol’s Hope and we took the Back Road back. I always enjoy making a hike a loop if possible. On the return we came across Elfreda Pike’s Rock, where the body of the 16 year old was discovered in 1870.

Pirate’s Path is also adjacent with Quinn’s Loop. A trail that includes a Memorial Wall to remember 5 year old Quinn Butt.

I encourage you to visit both trails and Feather Point when in Harbour Grace.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Would love to do this. I was born in Hr Grace but haven’t lived in Canada for many years.

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