Ship Harbour’s Sugarloaf Trail

A view from the top

The Sugarloaf Trail is one I’ve passed along a few times when visiting Ship Harbour. I’m surprised I’ve been to this community now at least four times. It is the home of the Atlantic Charter, where President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill met to sign the Atlantic Charter. An event that set the wheels in motion for what is today’s United Nations. It is incredible the role Newfoundland and Labrador played in history between the America’s and Europe.

I decided to hike the trail, although fresh snowfall didn’t add to the enjoyment. The beginning was quite wet, muddy and snow covered in places. It got worse where my boot was pulled off and I almost turned around. I could see fresh coyote tracks as well, that didn’t inspire me. Although, I was committed and wanted to see the views at the top. I wasn’t disappointed.

The conditions from the day prior created a frozen forest effect on trees at the top. It was quite a magical wintery feel, despite it being well into Springtime. The views of the cranes across the way in Argentia and the islands was a fabulous touch.

I would recommend waiting until May to take this trail and in dry conditions.

I’m so happy I kept going and really enjoyed being at the very top. So if you are a little more adventurous and want to go off a beaten path, then you may want to add Ship Harbour’s Sugarloaf to your hiking list this season!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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