Frozen Views of Holyrood from George Cove Mountain

The Town of Holyrood is a thriving community, less than 1 hour from the capital city. It has focused its attention on business start-ups and the Blue Ocean Economy. A major partnership with the Marine Institute and Memorial University has see significant investments in their Holyrood Marine Base and a new multi-million dollar expansion, called “The Launch”.

It was almost like a fairytale or something from Frozen, being at the top of George Cove Mountain. Lots of stairs until you get to the giant cross that gets lit at night. There are beautiful panoramic views to enjoy. I manage to capture a few photos after the snowfall that led to freezing on the branches of trees.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds rural NL! A quick 15 minute trek but more time is needed at the top. This one is family friendly too!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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